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  • Alex Cid El arte del fraseo en la ba

Review of the book in the prestigious magazine Modern Drummer

"The author tackles the hidden engine of improvisational creativity: variation in phrasing.

This book holds a key for those drummers who feel they’ve plateaued in terms of expanding their musical vocabulary."


The Art of phrasing on the Drumset

 Recommended by Dom Famularo, Michael Lauren,

Ángel Crespo and Chema "animal" Pérez




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Having your own voice in music is very important.

Having your own style in drumming is the first step

for this.

"Alex, has put together a very well thought system

to better understand phrasing.

This will open many doors of ideas and expression!

This is the understanding of being an individual

musician with your own style!"

Dom Famularo

Drumming´s Global Ambassador

The Art of Phrasing is a clear and concise method for learning the “embellishment of rhythmic figures” concept. This concept is an  invaluable tool in the development of interpretive reading skills  and the diversification / expansion of ones rhythmic ideas through accentuation, orchestration and other drumming (sonic) techniques.

This excellent book focuses on the sixteenth note, the sixteenth note triplet and the thirty-second note embellishment (“fill-ins”) of the rhythmic rates of quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes and their equivalent rests. It is progressive, thoughtfully laid out method book with a wealth of information,

Congratulations Alex on a welcome addition to our ever expanding drum instruction library.


Michael Lauren

Professor of Drum Set Studies:

Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE)

(Porto, Portugal)

Escuela Superior de Música Jam Session (Barcelona, España)

Founder and Director of The International Drum Academy (Lisboa, Portugal)

Founding member Drummers Collective (NYC)

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