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I have been devoted to music for over 25 years, and 15 years ago I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to teaching.

This professional and personal change made me see

things from a very different approach which entailed

the need for research, analysis, development

and extensive rhythmic experimentation. I no

longer simply study and learn, but now I perform comprehensive analyses and comparisons to subsequently design new forms, strategies and focuses, always bearing in mind that the most important feature is to create ART.

Also keep in mind these other concepts


We are all born with a certain amount of talent. Discovering the limit and making the most of it is a matter of attitude


Being a good musician requires a lot of time and effort. The hours accumulated in your study sessions. They are an investment you make in yourself.

intelligence and
musical sensitivity

Do not forget that you are making music. The choice of a good "groove" or a good "fill" at the right time is a clear example of this.

Learning to reach high levels and optimize it, will result in great progress.


Sometimes, there are problems of incompatibility of schedules, lack of concentration, etc.
organizing our sessions, adapting and revising them, and always having a "b" plan, is good advice.



Why do I do this?
To find the answer to this question every day and not to falter, sometimes you will have to resort to all your imagination.


they hire you to solve problems not to create them.
99% of the time you will work as a team. The result of any project will depend largely on the addition or subtraction of the egos of the participants.


when we hear we do not pay close attention, we simply capture the succession of sounds.
If we listen, our attention captures all the information of a specific message and our senses are focused.
Pay special attention to all the nuances that make up a musical creation.

know how to listen

it is the generation of new ideas or the association of known ideas and concepts. promoting it is a fundamental part of the curriculum.

"if you can not explain it in a simple way, it's that you have not understood it well".


creativity and knowledge
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