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The purchase of this book includes 46 audios recorded by the author which can be downloaded by sending proof of payment.

We have all seen and listened to great drummers who played so richly and fluently that they made us feel overwhelmed and motivated while we were being taught.

 The art of phrasing for any musician is the logical consequence of extensive dedication and long hours practicing on and off the stage, choosing a good fill in a musical theme or a drum solo generally follows prior study. Nevertheless, if what counts here is improvising, it can only result from prior experimentation with these phrasings.

Therefore, the final purpose of this book, is to help you improve your resources, gain greater flexibility and provide you with a more comprehensive and enhanced vocabulary for you to perform musical ideas with greater expression and beauty when you play on your own.

Recommended by:

Dom Famularo

Drumming´s global ambassador

Having your own voice in music is very important. Having your own style in drumming is the first step for this.
"Alex, has put together a very well thought system to better understand phrasing.
This will open many doors of ideas and expression!
This is the understanding of being an individual musician with your own style!"

Michael Lauren

Professor of Drum Set Studies:

Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE) (Porto, Portugal)

Escuela Superior de Música Jam Session (Barcelona, España)

Founder and Director of The International Drum Academy (Lisboa, Portugal)

Founding member Drummers Collective (NYC)

The Art of Phrasing is a clear and concise method for learning the “embellishment of rhythmic figures” concept. This concept is an  invaluable tool in the development of interpretive reading skills  and the diversification / expansion of ones rhythmic ideas through accentuation, orchestration and other drumming (sonic) techniques.

This excellent book focuses on the sixteenth note, the sixteenth note triplet and the thirty-second note embellishment (“fill-ins”) of the rhythmic rates of quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes and their equivalent rests. It is progressive, thoughtfully laid out method book with a wealth of information,

Congratulations Alex on a welcome addition to our ever expanding drum instruction library.

Keaton Lamle for Modern Drummer

The author tackles the hidden engine of improvisational creativity: variation in phrasing.

While speed and limb independence command more attention from young drummers, there is perhaps no single skill that enables players to embellish rhythms more than facility in phrasing. Operating under the assumption that musicians cannot deploy ideas in real time that they have not explored in practice, Cid fills this book with variations on 16th-note combinations in order to help learners diversify their fills, enhance their accentuation, and retain patterns that will allow them to improvise in a variety of musical situations.

Walking players first through basic 16th-note fills, gradually implementing flams and 32nd notes, and finally adding more complicated triplet, slur, and buzz-note exercises, The Art of Phrasing on the Drumset Volume II successfully spans a wide range of difficulty. While some drummers might balk at the notion of working through an entire book devoted to what essentially amounts to increasingly complicated exercises in phrase variation, this book holds a key for those drummers who feel they’ve plateaued in terms of expanding their musical vocabulary.

Ancla 1

Ángel Crespo

Nowadays we have access to so much information,  so many books,  videos, tutorials,  etc.  that,  in order not to get lost in useless labyrinths, it is essential to know how to choose,  select and distinguish what is really useful from what is not. In my opinion,  Alex’s proposal is worth taking into account. It provides tools and practical guidelines which open up a wide range of possibilities when we consider ways to make the most of a rhythmic phrase.  It boosts our imagination to develop our own ideas.  This is a book you should seriously consider.

I totally recommend it!

Chema "animal" Pérez

Enemigos, Pitingo, Mónica Naranjo, Alex O´D ogherty

- It develops the means to connect the exercises and the instrument in a very              natural way.

- The progression of the ways of phrasing is very easy to understand as it is always        based on the same pattern of accents.

- The variations on the different parts of the drum kit in the videos are highly               inspiring.

I strongly recommend it and I believe that whoever studies it will make fast progress.


Next of the rhythmic master series

 Release date 2020

First book of the series R&D

 Release date 2019

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